Wellbeing Japanese Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea 20 Effervescent Tablets


The ultimate superfood to keep you energized all day in a delicious tab — Presenting 100% Pure and Organic Japanese Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea!

Used in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, Ceremonial Grade Matcha is the highest quality grade of matcha. Sourced fresh from Uji, Japan, only the best, organically grown Tencha Green Tea leaves are stone ground to produce our brilliant Ceremonial Grade Matcha Tea tabs. It has 137x more antioxidants and is 10x more powerful than regular green tea.

It is high in catechin Epigallocatechin Gallate or EGCG polyphenols and boosts energy and metabolism, supports healthy digestion, reduces inflammation, improves Heart Health, protects the skin, strengthens the Immune System, reduces stress, and promotes longevity.

No more messy powder or tea bags! Simply add a tab to a cold glass of water and you are good to go. Drop, fizz, drink up!


What is Matcha Green Tea?

Japanese Tencha leaves are grown on green tea bushes, in limited sunlight. The shade triggers increased production of chlorophyll which turns them bright green and full of flavonoids. These leaves are then cleaned and stone ground to create the perfect Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea in a tab for you. It contains concentrated 10x more antioxidants and nutrients as compared to regular green tea, making it more powerful and beneficial.


How to Consume

Step 1

Drop 1 tablet in a cold glass of water

Step 1

Wait for it to dissolve

Step 1

Sip the highly nutritious & delicious Matcha Green Tea